Leah Mitchell Floral Mentor

Floristry... it’s a unique industry. Whether you're a florist hustling on the side, or in the throws of a full time business, it has its challenges.


I've been in the game for 20+ years, and have experienced many of these challenges first hand. These challenges range from being unable to work, being left with too much product after a wedding, balancing expenses and profit, or even recognising my own worth and then there is the struggles to keep on top of my admin. Every problem required a solution in order for me to grow my business into the success it is today.


I am a wife, I am a mother (two children under the age of 8), and I am a successful business owner. I want to help you achieve your own success - whatever that looks like to you. 


I'm passionate about this industry - that’s not a secret. I believe we're all in this together so I want to share my knowledge - the good the bad and the ugly, because we know it’s not all sunshine and roses - pun intended.


To help you and your business bloom, I am offering a range of online and in studio workshops and floral education retreats. To keep in the loop, pop your details on the waitlist at bottom of page and I'll make sure you're in the know when the next workshops are available!

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