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Mikahlia & Tom - A colourful Covid wedding

Mikahlia and Tom were booked in with me for a gorgeous wedding with 100 guests. And thennnn Covid hit! So all the plans of a crisp white and green wedding went out the window!

Mikahlia called and me said " We really still want to get married, and we want it to be beautiful". So we chatted and came up a game plan in under two weeks!

Gone was the 100 person guest list, with restrictions it dropped to 18. We shook up the colour palette and went bright and bold. Mikahlia still wanted an abundance of florals and that is what we did! The intimate reception was oozing with flowers and candlelight.

The ceremony was held at Glennifer Brae and we didn't want to compete with the beauty of the gardens. So we kept the ceremony all white, and everything else colourful. It's not often done, but why not! I like breaking the rules. With weddings, I don't think there should be rules!

This wedding was an absolute dream to work on, with a truly lovely couple.


Photography - The Evoke Company

Reception - Level One Harbourfont

Makeup - Powderpuff Makeup

Videography - The Mann Project

Celebrant - Kristie Wilkinson Celebrant

Ceremony Styling - The Wedding and Event Creators


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