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Tina & Jacob - Ravensthorpe

The sweetest couple, it was such a joy to work on this wedding! Tina had followed uor work from well before she was engaged and adored flowers. She asked for a floral wonderland and thats what we created! We worked with a warm colour palette of blush, white, terracotta and peach to bring ambience to the room as well as alot of candlelight. Tina selected the styling elements from our collection, and we focused the florals on making a statement on the head table.

Here's Tina's beautiful review

I knew before I was even engaged that I wanted the incredible Leah Mitchell team to do my florals if I ever were to marry (having followed her for years prior). Flowers mean so much to me and have my whole life, when Leah met me and my fiancé she was professional, so warm hearted and I felt like I could trust her with making my wedding an absolute dream. I highly recommend Leah, you can trust her with a vision (even if it’s a colour scheme and some images) she will complete it by creating something even more beautiful then what could even be imagined - you simply need to trust her team and they will do the rest. The organisational quality of Leah’s business and the way she makes it a much less complicated process is extremely helpful for any stressed bride. Thank you Leah and your team for making my dreams come true!


Venue - Ravensthorpe

Photographer - Matt @ The Evoke Company


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